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HUMANS is the debut album from infinitwav.

*** Now available digitally as a zip file with 9 mp3s and a pdf ***

Progression magazine (issue 72 Summer 2017) gave the album a 4 Star rating.

John Collinge says, “Part alternative history lesson, part sci-fi advisory tale, HUMANS is a fascinating concept work from musician/author Stephen Latin-Kasper.”  Throughout the story, “…he posits intriguing food for thought concerning who we are, what drives us as a species and where we might be headed. The idea is to read along with his tone-setting sonic interpretations specifically tailored to the subject matter...”

HUMANS is available for sale only from this website. Vocal versions of HUMANS 5 (There are Only 5 Tribes) and HUMANS Six (A Call To Mind) are available as digital downloads on the Shop page.

You can hear HUMANS One, Four and Seven on the music page.

The story (included with the album as a booklet) that goes with the music was inspired by the National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project. The core of the story is that specific genetic mutations bound together the humans that shared them. That idea is expanded on as humans migrate from Africa to the rest of the planet. The story doesn’t end until we discover how our universe was really created.

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infinitwav also creates music for Television and Film. Go to Microwave Films to see film trailers. Some of the music created for Jilel and Batmon vs. Majuro is on the music pages for those films.

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